Penderyn Berean Christadelphians
Penderyn (Wales) Study Weekend, December 2020 THEME: LAST TERRIBLE FORTY YEARS > Blessed Is He That Overcometh - bro Ben Naglieri > According to the Days of thy Coming out of the Land of Egypt - bro Bill Rinard > The March of the Rainbowed Angel - bro Jason Clubb > Weeping May Endure for a Night, but Joy cometh in the Morning - bro Bob Holley > The Vine of the Earth is Fully Ripe - the Subjugation of the Nations - bro Tim Caulk London (Ontario) Study Weekend, October 2021 > Living the Truth in the World - bro Dan Clubb > Living the Truth in the Home and the Ecclesia - bro Steve Male > When the Son of Man Cometh Will He Find Faith - bro Jason Clubb > Why We Give Thanks unto God - bro Dayan Boyce > In Him was Life; and the Life was the Light of Men - bro Bob Holley > Signs of the Times Showing Christ’s Near Approach - bro Ben Naglieri Penderyn (Wales) Study Weekend, December 2021 THEME: JEREMIAH - THE PROPHET OF JUDGEMENT AND GLORY > They Walked in the Counsels and in the Imagination of their Evil Hearts - bro Isaac Clubb > Return, ye Backsliding Children - bro Bill Rinard > Woe unto Him that Buildeth His House by Unrighteousness - bro Tim Clubb > Judgement Foretold on Egypt, Moab and Babylon - bro Ben Naglieri > Jeremiah a Type of Christ - Before I Formed Thee in the Belly I Knew Thee - bro Jason Clubb > The Branch of Righteousness - A King Shall Reign and Prosper - bro Dayan Boyce