In his days shall the righteous flourish; and abundance of peace so long as the moon endures.

He shall have dominion also from sea to sea, and from the river unto the ends of the earth.  (Psalm  72:7-8) Bible Believing People

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Berean Christadelphians

Bro. Thomas' Work

IF God had not raised up in this century such a man as Dr. Thomas, our generation would have been stumbling on in the inherited fogs which have entirely hidden the teaching of the Bible from view, while glorifying the Bible itself in a certain sentimental way.

It does not appear that the understanding of the Bible has been attained in any other channel. There is a deal of writing about the Bible, and a deal of smattering in connection with separate and scattered points involved in Bible things.

But where, outside of his work in our day, is to be found that complete mastery of the whole Scriptures, from Genesis to Revelation, which renders the work of God through Israel from the beginning a consistent, connected and progressive thing: which not only does not require the help of human philosophy, but which cannot endure the admixture of it, without being spoiled?

We know not it’s like in any current system or movement, or in the hands of any teacher or institution of modern life anywhere. If others know of it, we'd be delighted to be introduced—with the liberty, however, of thorough independent inspection. We know enough of shams and echoes and abortions to make us very chary.
Christadelphian, November, 1891



THESE inescapable truths are very galling to modern Athenians who call themselves brethren, and who wish to denigrate the sound labours and labourers of the past so they can theorize and speculate. The modern suggestion that bro. Thomas did not expound Gen. 1 and the book of Revelation correctly reveals an ignorance of the saving Truth he brought to light. —bro G V Growcott



There are two kinds of Christadelphians: those who recognize and appreciate the value and soundness and stability afforded by the writings and labors of brethren Thomas and Roberts -- and those who do not. Not much can be done to help the latter kind. They are on their way back to the old Apostasy. Resuscitations of the Gospel Truth have run this pattern over and over: a period of soundness; then a drifting of the majority back to the main orthodox stream.

Brother Thomas assembled the total Truth. Admittedly, others had disjointed parts, some this, some that. He revealed a beautiful, harmonious, living whole. His critics and scorners owe what knowledge they have of it to him, squirm as they may under this embarrassing fact. Intelligent men will recognize their debt and dependency, and will be humbly thankful. Intelligent, mature believers will not feel they have to devise anti-brother Thomas theories, to demonstrate their independence, but will be anxious to stand with the sound Truth as he revealed it -- and that includes a true conception of the book of Revelation. --Bro G V Growcott, Search Me O God (pg 6)



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